Final Entry

the course conveyed those takeaways very well that I learn a lot from this class.

the pick-of-the-week pushes me to read more news or blogs related to technics, which I could learn a lot from it.

I like cold calling because it always makes me concentrate on the class material especially when we are doing the online class.

The office hours are super helpful when I am confused about the course materials and the projects. TAs are trying their best to help me.

Lab sessions are helpful when we are at the last minute on the project.

There are several tools that I did not know before I took this class. For example, the checktestdata is very helpful for me both to generate the test cases and test my code. The docker is so convenient that I don’t even need to ssh to the lab machine but rather used my own machine to finish the projects.

The open-closed principle is a basic principle that keeps the coding simple and codes are beautiful. We should think about these principles when we writing codes.

Getters and setters are not always good. They also have some weaknesses when we are coding. We should sometimes avoid using those.

I hope we could have more time to do the projects.




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Yuhan Gao

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